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Sony paid $3.5m to put Ark Survival Evolved on PS Plus

SEC filing also gives insight into Game Pass revenue for Studio Wildcard's title

Sony paid $3.5 million to secure Ark Survival Evolved as a PlayStation Plus title in March 2022.

The information was shared as part of an SEC filing from Studio Wildcard parent company Snail Games, VGC reported.

The report also included some information about Studio Wildcard's deal with Microsoft to have Ark titles on Game Pass. The initial agreement expired in 2021, but was then extended for Ark: Survival Evolved, while Ark 2 will be on Game Pass for three years.

"The company recognised $2.5 million in revenue related to Ark 1 perpetual licence for the six months ended June 30, 2022 and deferred $2.3 million related to Ark 2 that is included in the long-term portion of deferred revenue," the filing read.

Back in August, Microsoft spent $600,000 to bring Big Cheese Studio's Cooking Simulator to Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass reportedly generated $2.9 billion on consoles during the calendar year 2021, according to documents from Brazil's Administrative Council for Economic Defence.

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