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ResFest 2004 to highlight crossover between games and filmmaking

The eighth annual ResFest event, which kicks off in London on September 30th to October 3rd before travelling to Sheffield, Glasgow, Bristol, Dublin and Nottingham over the course of a six week tour, is set to include two sessions highlighting the relationship between videogames and filmmaking.

A panel discussion titled "Filmmaking And Gaming, Gaming and Filmmaking" will feature an exploration of the crossover between the two mediums, including discussion ranging from new narrative trends to the use of game engines in short films and music videos.

Three components will make up the panel - Game Production, a focus on The Getaway 2, and a discussion of Immersive Gaming - Mods and Machinima - and panellists for the session are still to be confirmed.

A second event exploring the crossover between gaming and filmmaking is "Gaming: Inspired," a curated programme which will eschew the disappointing attempts to translate games into traditional feature films and instead focus on the influence of the medium on the "fundamental language of cinema and music video."

ResFest 2004 opens on September 30th at the National Film Theatre in London. More information can be found at the ResFest website.

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