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Resellers take advantage of World Tour shortages

Amazon users selling the Guitar Hero title for as much as $350, considerably higher than the RRP of $189

Shortages in the supply of Guitar Hero World Tour's full band kit for all platforms is driving resale demand to above the USD 300 mark.

Analysts at Cowen and Company downplayed concerns over the latest instalment of the Guitar Hero's sales, labelling them "overblown", and putting down the underperforming results to a limited supply - something the soon to be released PlayStation 2 SKU should go part way to solving.

However, the analyst group did say that the poor supply was being exploited by resellers selling the full kit at a cost many times higher than the retail price.

"In order to assess continued demand for the title, we conducted proprietary channel checks both at major online retailers and at bricks-and-mortar retail locations across the country," the company explained, adding: "resellers on are pricing the band kit at close to USD 300, well above the USD 189 list price."

At the time of writing, used versions of both the Wii and Xbox 360 versions of the game were being sold on for USD 350, while the PlayStation 3 version was going for as high as USD 325.

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