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Research indicates in-game ads can work

Study reveals high recognition rates for some brands, but warns against poor placement

A new research study on the efficiency of in-game advertising has concluded that some brands have already benefited strongly from good recognition rates, but warns that the overall effectiveness of the medium is dependent on following certain rules.

The study, a collaboration between gamematrix - the research department of 11 Prozent Communication - and the University of Offenberg, evaluated data collected from a 65 test subjects playing Need for Speed ProStreet and FIFA 08 and measured ad recall and analysed eye movements.

Brands such as Volkswagen and Coke Zero fared well, the survey said, but also noted that it wasn't enough for an advert to simply be in view - but that placement and design were the key components in success.

"Product advertising only works in context with the brand, otherwise it remains unnoticed", said Carsten Szameitat, research leader for gamematrix and MD for 11 Prozent Communication. "Brands strongly benefit from in-game advertising as their recognition rates increase by 30 per cent."

The full results are available in the study entitled: "Eye-tracking Analysis as a Means to Visualise the Effects of In-Game Advertising" and readers can receive a 5 per cent discount by using the following code: "IGA_Studie_GIB_5"

More information is available from the study's website.

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