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Report: Children spend €39 on in-game content monthly

76% of surveyed caretakers note that minors do not spend money on the titles they play

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Video Games Europe, formerly ISFE, says that minors, on average, spend €39 a month on games.

This is according to a new report in by Ipsos, which surveyed 2,808 caretakers from the UK, Germany, Italy, France, and Germany.

By comparison, in 2020, minors spent an average of €33 a month on in-game extras.

The report also said, "For parents whose children spend money on in-game content, random rewards, such as loot boxes, are the least popular. The most popular is content that impacts gameplay."

The survey noted that 76% of guardians said that children don't spend money on the games they play.

Also, 89% of the respondents actively monitor the spending habits of minors.

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