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Report: 53% of game writers have experienced or seen bullying at work

The Writer's Guild of Great Britain also says that 48% of writers have had burnout or stress-related illness

A new survey from The Writer's Guild of Great Britain (WGGB) reported that 53% of game writers have experienced or seen bullying at work.

The survey of over 800 industry workers and WGGB union members also reports that 48% of them have had burn-out or stress related illnesses.

"I have never worked in an environment where such passionate, dedicated staff were so mistreated," said a WGGB member.

"I filed one of many HR complaints against senior-level management and my contract was immediately terminated in response without any form of resolution or investigation."

Additionally, in an effort to establish better work conditions and fair treatment for writers the union launched Writing for Videogames: A Guide for Game Writers and Those Who Work With Them.

Based upon global surveys from employers, narrative teams, and writers from the industry, the guidelines provide information on multiple topics such as fair pay, equality, and mental health.

"Although the results from the survey are terrible, sadly I don't think it will be a great surprise to a lot of game industry professionals," said WGGB video games co-chair Samantha Webb.

"In releasing our new guidelines, we hope to give game writers more support and information, as well as advice on how to protect themselves and what they can do in cases of abusive or toxic workplaces."

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