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ren'ai shugi Road to Emerald

Wizard of Oz-themed iPhone dating game from Japan gets an update.

Osaka, Japan - Oct 20, 2010 - IMAGECIRCUS Co.,Ltd.(IC) announces the first update of “ren'ai shugi Road to Emerald” along with a promo code giveaway. IC, a well-known Japanese mobile dating sim/visual novel developer, has already released its first English/French iPhone game app, “ren'ai shugi Road to Emerald,” on App Store in May 2010. “ren'ai shugi Road to Emerald” is a dating sim which is based on the story of "Wizard of Oz".

About version 1.1

Minor bugs are fixed.

In-game English script is revised.

About " ren'ai shugi Road to Emerald "

One day, Makoto stopped at the book store on her way home and picked up the book of "Wizard of Oz". When she was looking at the book, she suddenly got dragged into the world of "Wizard of Oz". To find Oz, she needs to travel to Emerald City with her new friends, Otto "the Scarecrow", Gragg "the Tin Man" and Friday "the Lion". Can they find Oz who can help Makoto go home?


Easy control Showing backlogs, skipping messages, saving and uploading High quality sounds Beautiful graphics Multiple endings Complete an album

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ren'ai shugi Road to Emerald (English)

Road to Emerald (French)

Road to Emerald PV trailer [YOUTUBE]:


About a promo code giveaway

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IMAGECIRCUS Co.,Ltd. Is a leading publisher of mobile games for NTT-Docomo, KDDI, SoftBank Mobile and iPhone. "Renai Syugi" is a popular dating sim game portal in Japan. IC supplies games not only domestically but also globally through Taiwanese mobile phone and iPhone. In 2001, IC was established in Osaka.




Renai Syugi: 

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