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Relic ceases support for underperforming Dawn of War III

"When a game underperforms, plans need to change," says developer

Relic Entertainment has announced that it will cease support for Warhammer: Dawn of War III following poor sales.

A hybrid between an RTS and MOBA, Dawn of War III launched in April 2017 but apparently failed to attract a sufficient player-base to warrant continued support.

According to Steam Spy, the game has just over 570,000 owners on PC but a free weekend offered during October last year means the data isn't necessarily reflective of sales.

In a statement issued to Eurogamer, through publisher Sega, Relic said: "While Dawn of War III has a dedicated player base, it didn't hit the targets we were expecting at launch, and it hasn't performed the way we had hoped since. It's been tough for us as professionals who want to make great games for our players, and for us as people who care a lot about what we do.

"When a game underperforms, plans need to change. With Dawn of War 3, we simply don't have the foundation we need to produce major content. We're working in close partnership with Sega and Games Workshop to determine the best course of action, while shifting focus to other projects within our portfolio."

The decision to end support for Dawn of War III means none of the planned future content will materialise, including playable races and expansion packs.

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