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Release of the highly anticipated award winning Global Conflicts: Palestine

Serious Games Interactive brings you 'Global Conflicts: Palestine' - a serious game for PC and Mac. The game has already received extensive world wide coverage with features on CNN and BBC as highlights. The game challenges the stereotypical view of video games as violent and anti-social and shows how games can contribute to a new learning experience. 'Global Conflicts: Palestine' does what other media fail to do: put you inside the conflict and interact with both sides. The game makes you experience - rather than watch and read about - one of the longest lasting and most influential conflicts of our time; the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Global Conflicts: Palestine

In 'Global Conflicts: Palestine', you assume the role of a freelance journalist who has just arrived in Jerusalem armed with a pen, a notepad and your sharp wits to get you through the challenges ahead. The goal is to create and get an article published for a newspaper by collecting quotes from the dialog in the game. The player can either get information by building up trust with each side or take a more confrontational approach to dig out information. In the end, the story with the most news-value will get the best exposure, but be careful what you print, it will affect your standings with both sides. No matter the approach or the chosen alignment, during the course of the game your beliefs and ideas about the conflict will be challenged. You will experience situations - taken from real life events - that are more complicated than outsiders may realize.

'Global Conflicts: Palestine' is a different type of game that requires a different way of thinking and playing. Through a simple interface and an approachable game world every one can play - you don't have to be a gamer to enjoy playing 'Global Conflicts: Palestine'. We believe that computer games can be engaging and enlightening on an endless number of current issues.' Says CEO Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen

A new type of game

'Global Conflicts: Palestine' targets critical and reflective people who are looking for a (game) experience that challenges their outlook on the world. 'Global Conflicts: Palestine' requires something different from the player compared to most computer games. Interviewing skills and a critical sense will come in handy as you try to get to the 'truth' as people on both sides seem to have their own agenda.


The game is a mix of the role-playing and adventure genres.


Experience the conflict first hand as you navigate Jerusalem and the surrounding area.

Learn about the problems by experiencing them in a full and engaging 3D world.

Earn people's trust and write engaging stories about the conflict.

An engaging, emotional and though-provoking storyline.

A branching story structure with different endings based on your choices.

Balancing the complicated conflict

Understanding what both sides of the conflict go through is an important part of understanding the complex conflict. In 'Global Conflicts: Palestine' certain themes and topics - such as suicide bombs and settlements - will provoke the players perception of the situation and facilitate a clearer understanding of both sides. Things are never as simple as they seem at first glance. To keep the game realistic the content of the game is based on real life stories presented from both sides of the conflict. To ensure 'Global Conflicts: Palestine' is balanced with both points of view the development process has involved a dozen experts that occupy the entire spectrum from pro-Palestinian to pro-Israeli.


The game is available in English, German and Danish and can be ordered via download and mail at or at one of our partners Manifesto Games, Gamers Gate and Mac game store.

The game will be available 5th of July 2007.

For more information visit Please contact us by e-mail at if you questions. On request we can provide you with a game copy for review.

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