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Regnum Online

Realm vs. realm MMORPG gets "Invasions" expansion.

NGD Studios, the independent game developer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is proud to announce today the release of the most important feature to its Realm vs. Realm based game.

Now, players can fulfill the dream of entering into enemy territory, pillaging its cities and stealing the Realm Gems.

In an orchestrated effort, users will have to hold a castle or fort for a certain period of time. Then, they will have an opportunity to cross the great wall. Once that feat is achieved, the invaders will penetrate the last line of defense as they travel through enemy territory in search of two gems held in different locations. The overall concept is a world-scale capture the flag-style mechanic to steal the gems.

“Invasions represent the culmination of the original idea behind Regnum” says Nicolas Lamanna, Producer and Game designer on Regnum Online. Included in this upgrade are also improved combat and class balance, Fort and castle upgrades, enhanced AI, new premium items and quests.

“Regnum Online is a living proof that Independent games can still compete in terms of user experience with the big MMOs on the market” says Andrés Chilkowski, General Manager at NGD Studios. Built and maintained by a small group of 10 developers, The title is one of the beacons of the continuous growth of the entertainment software industry in South America, mainly in Argentina.

Regnum Online: Invasions goes live on December 17th at 6PM GMT.

Visit to join the fight.

About Regnum Online

With more than 5 years of development, Regnum Online is one of the most important games ever made by the incipient Latin American videogame industry.

The game is a Free to Play MMORPG around the conflict of three realms and their constant struggle for supremacy. Thousands of players can interact in real time, defending their realm, socializing, and joining into parties and clans to make friends and allies.

About NGD Studios

Founded in 2004 by a group of argentine entrepreneurs, NGD Studios is a game development company for the PC specialized in the creation of massively multiplayer games and 3d worlds using proprietary technology.

With headquarters in Buenos Aires, the company has one of the most experienced game development teams in Argentina.

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