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Regnum Online

One-year anniversary celebrations begin.

The virtual fantasy world known as Regnum Online

( is about to become one year old, since its commercial launch, this upcoming may the 24th.

In this first year of life, our world that to many is considered a

second home, has grown, matured and become a true free alternative in the MMORPG universe for both Windows and Linux.

Among the most important highlights we could mention that the game has reached a quarter million registered users, peaked with more than 2000 simultaneous players, an official launch in Germany along with Gamigo (the entire game has been localized to Deutsch) and countless improvements, features and changes on every aspect of the game.

To commemorate this day, an special one-time event will take place for a week. New features have been incorporated such as the ability to dance with your friends, enjoy several new quests (some created by the players!) and others with a special prize.

To continue with the partying, NGD Studios will give away 50% Ximerin, our virtual currency, for every purchase made between friday the 23rd (12:00 PM, GMT-3) to friday the 30th (12:00 PM, GMT-3). So with the same amount of money, you will get more and while you are at it you may check the new premium items and services.

About Regnum Online

With more than 5 years of development, Regnum Online is one of the most important games in the local videogame industry.

The game is a MMORPG that exposes the conflict of three realms and their constant struggle for supremacy. Thousands of players can interact in real time, defending their realm, socializing, commercing and getting into parties and clans to make friends and allies.

Playing Regnum is free. However, there is the possibility to obtain Premium items that enhance the game experience and provide some uniqueness to your character.

The official Regnum Online site can be found in the following address:

About NGD Studios

Founded in 2004 by a group of argentine entrepeneurs, NGD Studios is a game development company for the PC specialized in the creation of massively multiplayer games and 3d worlds using a next-gen propietary


With headquarters in Buenos Aires, the company has one of the most experienced game development teams in Argentina.

The official NGD Studios site can be found in the following address:

The party has already begun and you are already invited


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