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Registrations open for GDC 2005

CMP Game Group has announced that registrations are now open for next year's Game Developer's Conference, which will be held in San Francisco on March 7th to 11th following a move from the previous venue of San Jose.

A number of key speakers and panels have also been announced for the event, including a talk on the creation of Splinter Cell hero Sam Fisher by Eric Bibeau and Gilles Monteil, a next generation technology talk from Tim Sweeny and a panel on interactive storytelling featuring Peter Molyneux, Warren Spector and Neil Young, to name but a few.

As well as a new venue, the conference also has a new director this year, with former Game Developer editor Jamil Moledina taking over the reins of the event.

Early bird registration for the conference has been opened, and runs through until February 9th next year; full details can be found on the GDC 2005 website.

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