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Registration to Begin for New Ultimate Baseball Online Season

Diamond Bar, California - Jun 01, 2007 Ultimate Baseball Online 2007 teams can begin registering June 11 for the third season of the year. The 2007-3 season, which begins June 26, will culminate 10 rounds later with the crowning of one team as league champion.

League competition will be open to three skill levels, allowing all players level 10 and up to participate with their teams-so with the season about to begin, now is the perfect time for new players to pick up their virtual baseball gloves and reach level 10 so they can participate. Each player will begin the new season with a clean slate, as all statistics and player parameter/skill points will be reset at the season's start.

About Ultimate Baseball Online 2007

UBO is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online sports game (MMOSG) where baseball enthusiasts and gamers compete in virtual stadiums. With stunning graphics and surround-sound audio reactions from the crowd, participants control customized characters for each position and compete together against other UBO gamers from around the world. Players create their own avatar to bat, pitch, field, run, and perform other baseball actions.

Participants can play individually, or join a team and participate in a variety of competitive events. Gamers create their own characters and build their skill level (player stats) through successful play on the field against other real human players. Unlike current video games that aim to simulate professional sports, UBO delivers a first-person perspective of a character, created and developed by the player, interacting online in real-time with teammates and opponents.

Darrell Evans, a two-time Major League All-Star ('73 & '83) and World Series champion (1984), serves as UBO's Baseball Ambassador. "Ultimate Baseball Online really does capture the feeling of being a member of a team," said Evans. "Video games are usually a solitary experience. UBO gives players a great appreciation for the nuances of each position, as well as an understanding of the teamwork that is involved in playing the sport of baseball successfully. And best of all, as an online game with four virtual seasons per year, you can play competitive baseball year round."

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About Netamin

Netamin Communication Corporation, a pioneer in Massively Multiplayer Online Sports Games (MMOSG), is headquartered in Diamond Bar, California with additional operations in Korea. The company has launched its first MMOSG title, Ultimate Baseball Online, with subsequent titles planned in the team sports genre. Founded in 1999, Netamin is a privately- held corporation aiming to provide an online virtual playing field for all major sports. For more information, please visit


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