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Reflexive's XBLA title Axiom Overdrive, Orbital Thrust Frame specifications released

Utilizing simple controls, players pilot a nimble craft through the mines of AF128, employing the powerful grapple to explore layered depths of gameplay.

Reflexive Entertainment and the Axiom Corporation have revealed specifications for its Orbital Thrust Frame. Players are already eagerly anticipating piloting the vehicle through the unique physical environment within our deep space mining colony AF128.

"The OTF is a powerful, resilient, and uniquely versatile vehicle," said Dr. D.C. Looper, Lead Engineer in charge of developing the vehicles' on board control systems. "We know our job is done when pilots can't even tell that there is a system helping interpret their control inputs. Many test subjects have reported that the OTF responds as though it is an extension of their own thought process," he later added.

The built in grapple is a powerful graviton beam, which is used to pick up and manipulate objects within AF128. Pilots develop an innate feel for the momentum and mass within every object they push, crash, smash, carry, and sling through the mine facility.

In preparation for the next wave of hiring on the mining colony AF128, and in response to the flood of applications already received, the Axiom Corporation is honing in on the first wave of exceptional applicants who will be chosen to pilot the limited number of OTFs available.

For further information about the Axiom Corporation's OTF design, and up-coming opportunities for OTF pilots, please read the documentation available on

About Reflexive Entertainment:

Having abandoned the world of contract for hire game development, Reflexive Entertainment develops, fully funds and publishes its own games for both PC and XBLA as an independent game studio. This approach has allowed Reflexive Entertainment the freedom to innovate such games as the twice awarded Downloadable Game of the Year Wik: Fable of Souls in addition to more casual affair such as the wildly popular Ricochet and Big Kahuna Reef series (with more than 20 million and 10 million downloads respectively). More information about Reflexive Entertainment can be found at

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