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Reel Deal Slots: Adventure III 'World Tour'

Become a master of the one-armed bandit.

Adventure III “World Tour” is available for the suggested retail price of $19.99 and can be found at major retail outlets across North America and from Phantom EFX’s online digital storefront (

In Adventure III “World Tour” , players will join PJ, the Reel Deal Slots enthusiast, on a whirlwind tour of the entire world! As a down-on-your-luck job hunter, you and PJ are looking to find a suitable career somewhere...anywhere. Hop on a plane and travel from continent to continent, defeating unique and varied slot challenges, unlocking new machines and winning big with tons of new progressive payouts, all while not wagering any real money! The fun is endless as you unlock Enchanted Challenges while navigating the world and its many cultures in your search for the ultimate dream job.

For over a decade, Phantom EFX has led the way in the PC casino and card game genre in both quality and sales. Its Reel Deal Slots lineup (which complements its Reel Deal Casino and Reel Deal Card Games offerings) has proven to be so popular that Phantom now releases two slot titles per year, both a traditional, themed slots title (such as 2010’s Reel Deal Slots: Mysteries of Cleopatra ) and an Adventure title (such as Reel Deal Slots: American Adventure , released in March of 2010). Phantom’s slots are so realistic and so innovative, several of its originally-conceived and designed slots have been made into real life slots seeing action in real world casinos across the country.

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Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Cedar Falls, Iowa, Phantom EFX is the world’s leading game developer and publisher of interactive card and casino entertainment titles for PC and Mac. Phantom EFX is a software entertainment company that creates ultra-realistic experiences that come to life on PCs, mobile devices and consoles. With top-notch talent, facilities, resources, and a relaxed Midwest atmosphere, Phantom EFX has the vision and capabilities to continue to successfully produce titles that are fresher, more entertaining and graphically superior to the present market offerings. For more information about Phantom EFX, please visit:

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