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Reel Deal LIVE

Free downloadable demo released of MMO casino game.

Cedar Falls, Iowa – June 22, 2009 – Phantom EFX, the world’s leading developer and publisher of PC-based casual game titles, today released a free downloadable demo of the ever popular Reel Deal ‘LIVE’, the first-ever massively multiplayer online (MMO) casino.

“We wanted to give everyone the chance to experience a little bit of what Reel Deal ‘LIVE’ is all about,” said Phantom EFX CEO Aaron Schurman. “This demo is perfect for those who want to test drive the game before making the purchase. You’ll get a chance to see LIVE’s detailed casino environments and get a taste for some of the multiple slots, tables, and games that are available to play.”

The free Reel Deal 'LIVE' demo offers players a peak at the largest virtual casino ever constructed, giving would-be gamblers the thrill of the game without the upset of losing a fortune.

Constructed inside a seemingly boundless full 3D casino, Reel Deal ‘LIVE’ is a gambler’s paradise. Wager thousands on Black 21, go all in with Hold Em’, win big with on your favorite slot, or just cruise around and socialize. With Reel Deal ‘LIVE’, everyone wins!

Players who chose to become full members of the Reel Deal Community have access to a bevy of features:

• Completely customizable characters, or “avatars”

• Phantom EFX’s award winning card and slot titles, with free updates

• Video poker

• A race book and sports book

• Tournament play

• Social networking and alliance building through guild creation

• NPC (non-player character) quests

• A shopping mall for character and environment customization

• A university, for skill improvement

• Special “Golden Ticket” prizes, and much, much more.

To download the free Reel Deal ‘LIVE’ demo, visit

For more information about Reel Deal 'LIVE' and Phantom EFX, please visit



Phantom EFX is a game company that creates ultra-realistic experiences that come to life on a personal computer for Windows and Macs. Phantom EFX, with top notch talent, facilities, resources, and a relaxed Midwest atmosphere, has the vision and capabilities to be a successful game company that creates titles that are fresher, more entertaining and graphically superior to the present market offerings. For more information about Phantom EFX, please visit:


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