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Reel Deal LIVE

Casino MMOG gets new features.

Cedar Falls, Iowa – March 10, 2010 – Phantom EFX, the world’s leading developer and publisher of PC based casino and card game titles, announced today a bevy of updates and additions to its first MMO (massively multiplayer online) game, Reel Deal LIVE! Launched in fall of 2008, Reel Deal LIVE is the world’s first virtual, casino-themed MMO. Players around the world looking for the ultimate Vegas experience have been logging into LIVE ever since, and now they’re gearing up for a whole new experience.

“We’ve added tons of new features and addressed so many issues that our regulars might not even recognize the game anymore,” said Aaron Schurman, CEO of Phantom EFX. “We’ve listened closely to our community, considered and researched their feedback and are well on our way to making Reel Deal LIVE one of the heavy hitters in the MMO market and the BEST place to win big without risking real money!”

Have you ever wanted to hit that big progressive slot machine bonus for millions? Ever dreamt about winning the biggest blackjack or poker tournament of the year and raking in the winnings and notoriety? Ever wanted to go to Atlantic City or Las Vegas with a few bucks and leave as one of the most legendary gamblers of all time? Reel Deal LIVE offers you that chance to take a character from a mere tourist to one of the most powerful gamblers around. A massive 3D casino awaits you, full of characters ready to meet you, test your skills and offer you incredible casino quests and rewards!

New features being added to Reel Deal LIVE include:

Improved Guild Functionality – Create your own group of super gamers to take on other guilds from around the world! Special intra-guild tournaments will be held on a regular basis.

Improved Leveling System – Enjoy a brand new, easier-to-use power progression system, complete with new powers and an increased level cap of 60.

New Tutorials – Learning the ropes of all the dozens of games and slots has never been easier…let Phantom EFX show you precisely how to work your way into becoming a true gaming titan!

New Quests – Don’t forget to talk to those non-player characters you see walking around the casino – help them out and they’ll reward you! And best of all is the Spirits of the Zodiac quest, which will have you travelling outside the casino to four unique locations in the Far East to free the Zodiac symbols and complete challenges from your own Zodiac Guide!

New In-Game Events – Monthly bounty tournaments and daily 24 hour slot tournaments will compliment special promotional contests and events, which in March includes a special March Madness bracket tournament and a St. Patrick’s “Find Lucky the Leprechaun” quest!

Improved Performance and Bug Fixes – Dozens of performance tweaks have been added and numerous kinks have been ironed out, making for a much smoother experience from start to finish.

These features are merely the beginning of what Phantom EFX has in store for Reel Deal LIVE, but the best way to see them is to check the game out for yourself! For more information about Reel Deal LIVE, please visit www.reeldeallive.com. For more information about the March updates, please visit www.reeldeallive.com/expansion.



Phantom EFX is a game company that creates ultra-realistic experiences that come to life on a personal computer for Windows and Macs. Phantom EFX, with top notch talent, facilities, resources, and a relaxed Midwest atmosphere, has the vision and capabilities to be a successful game company that creates titles that are fresher, more entertaining and graphically superior to the present market offerings. For more information about Phantom EFX, please visit: www.phantomefx.com.


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