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Red Dead Redemption

Infographic of the first two weeks of live game data revealed.

Early in the development process, Rockstar Games partnered with GameSpy Technology to track thousands of data points for its millions of players using GameSpy’s ATLAS stats tracking/ reporting service. A sliver of this data is shown in the attached infographic to help highlight some of the amazing stats generated by Red Dead Redemption’s players.

The infographic gives a snapshot of the first two weeks of live game data, but those interested in a deeper and up-to-the-minute dive into the world of Red Dead Redemption should visit the Rockstar Social Club at, the incredible Rockstar community site built in partnership with GameSpy Technology

GameSpy has compared this data to other comparable real world stats in order to provide context for the virtual activities happening within the virtual borders of Red Dead Redemption. For instance, over the course of a year, the average player would consume 8.6 liters of alcohol by visiting in-game saloons, which is slightly more than the annual consumption of the average American and slightly less than the average Russian.

From indie startups to AAA powerhouses, game developers of all sizes looking to power their games and enrich their communities with amazing data can also work with GameSpy Technology to do so, and should visit to find out more.

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