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Red Bull & FreeStyleGames Announce Partnership

12th June 2007. Leamington Spa, UK. FreeStyleGames today announced a ground-breaking worldwide partnership with Red Bull Energy Drink. This landmark collaboration sees the BAFTA nominated videogame developer work directly with a major brand to create interactive content from concept to final product. This partnership will focus on the new consoles, offering immersive, entertaining and social experiences.

Chris Lee, Commercial Director of FreeStyleGames commented, "This partnership goes way beyond the in-game advertising deals seen in videogames to date. It's important to stress that we're working hand in hand to co-develop and design compelling, triple A titles that will be a true reflection of the Red Bull Energy Drink brand, as well as great, original gaming experiences in their own right."

Lee continued, "The innovative and adventurous brands of the world now view videogames as an ideal way to reach their audiences and I'm sure we're going to see more deals of this sort over the coming years. We're excited to be at the forefront of a movement that sees development studios taking more control of their destiny and working directly with leading brands to create outstanding digital content."

Red Bull Energy Drink and FreeStyleGames have enjoyed a strong relationship for over two years, with the brand being involved in the studio's first videogame, the award-winning B-Boy, published in 2006 by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Jamie Jackson, Art Director of FreeStyleGames added, "It has been a real please to work with the Red Bull team over the past few years and B-Boy only just scratched the surface of the potential of this relationship. We're very much looking forward to the partnership going forward and talking more about the projects in development."

More details of the titles under development, release dates and publishers will be announced shortly.

About FreeStyleGames

FreeStyleGames is one of a new wave of groundbreaking European development studios. Founded by a highly talented and experienced team, the company is re-inventing independent development. FreeStyleGames employ ambitious people and encourage fun & adventurous lifestyles to delivering fresh, original & innovative console intellectual property for a new mass market audience. FreeStyleGames is based in Warwickshire, UK and currently employs 45 staff. Their first game, B-Boy, was released by Sony Computer Entertainment in October 2007 on PlayStation®2 and PSP

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