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Rebelstar: Tactical Command

Namco Hometek Inc. today released new screens for its upcoming turn-based strategy game "Rebelstar: Tactical CommandTM". Nominated as a finalist for GameSpot's "E3 2005 Editor's Choice" award for Best Game Boy Advance Game, these new screens feature a formidable opponent the rebels will face - the Urdogs.

Urdogs are brutish beasts, a combination of dog and insect, on a very large scale. A particularly fun spectator sport for Arelians is to watch humans desperately fight for their lives in matches against Urdogs. They make good "pets" for the Zorn (whom you met in a previous screenshot release), as they are good hunters and often bait humans in battle.

Because Urdogs rely heavily on their sense of sight and smell, special grenades can be used to obscure smell or create a certain deafening sound that reduces the risk of Urdog detection. They also travel in packs, so if you see a Urdog, you can expect that more are hidden in the surrounding environment.

Developed by the same team responsible for the PC strategy classics, the X-COM series and LASER SQUAD, "Rebelstar: Tactical CommandTM" will deliver in-depth strategy and an original sci-fi storyline this September on the Game Boy® Advance.

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