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Open source virtual world platform gains support from Nokia and the City of Oulu.

FOR RELEASE 18th of November at 9pm (GMT 0)

Today in San Jose California at Tomorrow’s Wireless World event announced that the realXtend open source virtual reality platform adoption is accelerating, extending the support of an interconnected network of 3D virtual worlds with rich, multi-user experiences. Nokia and the City of Oulu, Finland have joined the supporters of the realXtend project aimed at developing the world's best virtual world platform on an open source basis. The key developers are LudoCraft Ltd., a dynamic games studio, and Admino Technologies Ltd., specialized in scalable server technologies.

"Nokia supports the realXtend project and objective of creating an open platform and interoperability for virtual worlds,” said Jari Alvinen, director, Compatibility and Industry Collaboration of Nokia. “realXtend has gained remarkable co-operation and adoption with other virtual world developers and solution providers. The large scale strategic development of this technology will spearhead virtual worlds for everyone."

Already known as a technology hub with world-class R&D resources, the City of Oulu, Finland has announced plans to use realXtend to fulfill the future technological needs of its citizens. Planned applications include using realXtend as a tool for developing the educational system in cooperation with the Oulu’s innovative “School of the Future” project.

“Our strategy in Oulu is to support companies that combine technological expertise with cultural and artistic skills,” said Matti Pennanen, Mayor, City of Oulu, Finland. “Interactive content and creative industries are a part of our future mission. The City of Oulu already provides free wireless internet access to citizens and visitors. With the creation of realXtend in Oulu, our region steps in the exciting frontier of virtual world technology.”

The realXtend virtual reality platform is a non-profit project administered by Oulu Innovation with its first public release in February 2008 amid vast international interest. The objective is to develop a global, standardized 3D-web of virtual worlds by making cutting edge, virtual world technologies available to everyone, free of charge. With the free open source approach and no competition between companies attempting to gain profit from selling their proprietary platforms, realXtend can reach the highest possible number of users and developers while maintaining compatibility.

“We will develop realXtend into direction of game engine that enables the creation of multiplayer games with competent performance, stability, reliability and audiovisual capabilities”, says Tony Manninen, CEO of LudoCraft Ltd.

Applying virtual reality technology is limited only by one's imagination. With features such as highly customizable avatars, 3D objects, lights and shadows, scriptable teleports between worlds, voice chat, desktop application sharing and easy Web page integration; realXtend creates possibilities for a rich user experience rarely seen in a virtual world platform before. Exciting applications include virtual conferencing, collaborative workspaces, immersive education, 3D modeling and multi-player games.

"The realXtend team has made excellent progress in advancing the platform's graphics capabilities, which is an important requirement for the next generation of Immersive Education. I'm looking forward to sharing realXtend with members of the Immersive Education Initiative by making realXtend available on the Education Grid," said Aaron E. Walsh, Director of the Grid Institute.

In the Immersive Education Initiative there are now over 500 members. Members are primarily from universities, colleges, research institutes and kindergarten through 12th grade. In total members reach several hundred thousand students.

About realXtend

The realXtend virtual reality platform is developed as a non-profit project administered by Oulu Innovation. The key developers are Ludocraft Ltd, a dynamic games studio, and Admino Technologies Ltd, specialized in scalable server technologies. For more information please visit

About Oulu, Finland

Oulu is a technology hub of Europe. In this time of digital revolution, Oulu has firmly established itself as one of the world’s most significant centers in wireless communication development. Oulu offers a vibrant mix of business, research, and education that continually inspires new companies and products towards success in the world market. Oulu is a great place to develop competence and build success, as demonstrated with more than 800 hi-tech businesses operating in the region, including Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, Polar, F-Secure, Wipro and Flextronics. In addition to top-level international business, Oulu is home to many world-class education and research institutions. For more information please visit


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