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Realtime: We let our games do the talking

Studio manager Colin Macdonald explains why you won't hear idle boasts about APB

Realtime Worlds, the company behind last year's critically-acclaimed Xbox 360 action title Crackdown, won't be making any idle boasts about its new game - the next-generation MMO, APB.

That's according to studio manager Colin Macdonald who told that the company prefers its games to do the talking.

"I think, certainly as Realtime Worlds, we've been pretty cautious of seeing some of our peers being hyped, championed, way too early, and it all being a let-down," he said. "And that's just not who we are.

"We're people that need to make sure there's a good awareness of what we do, and at the end of the day we want our products, our games, to be talking for themselves.

"So with something like Crackdown we could have pushed Microsoft into hyping it even earlier, but as it was we felt it was done too early as it stood. We'd have rather waited until much later, until more people had seen the game and were impressed by it - rather than seeing the early versions.

"We just rather our games do the talking," he added. "It's maybe not necessarily the most conventional way of going about publicising yourself, but I think if we can build up a reputation for consistently delivering great games, then hopefully we won't need to come out with the hyperbole that often comes out with games - and often never comes through."

No specific release date for APB has yet been set, although it's been hinted that the game will enter an expanded beta phase shortly.

This article is part of Scotland Week on, sponsored by Dundee City Council and Realtime Worlds.

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