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APB refunds for digital but not retail customers

EA providing replacement games for some Steam purchasers of axed MMO

EA is reportedly offering a voucher or free game to APB customers who directly request compensation for the MMO's closure.

With the servers now offline, the game is no longer playable in any form. In addition, some players had already paid ahead for subscription time.

A number of consumers who bought the game via Steam claim to have been offered a $20 voucher via EA's live chat support service, while those who have pushed the issue report being offered full games instead.

There appears to be no fixed method or mandate for the refund, with other users citing a lack of a success.

Issues such as whether or not the account key has been activated and whether or not the customer is registered with appear to affect the support line response. Appeals to Steam itself have apparently been fruitless.

In any case, refunds are only available to digital customers. Realtime Worlds administrator Begbies Trainor has previously stated that retail purchasers' only recourse is their point of sale.

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