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Realtime Associates PR

iPhone/iPod developer signs Reverb Communications.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – October 9, 2008 – Realtime Associates, one of the longest-established independent video and computer game studios in operation, announced today that it has engaged Reverb Communications to oversee its marketing and public relations campaigns and to provide strategic consulting services. Reverb Communications will launch Realtime’s recently announced “Realtime Audio Adventures,” a collection of interactive audio adventure games designed exclusively for the Apple® iPhone™ and iPod® touch, kicking off later this month with the first game title, Soul Trapper.

Reverb has extensive experience launching titles for the App Store, including its work with six platform launch titles from Publisher X as well as Enigmo, Bugdom 2 and the current #1 App Store title Cro-Mag Rally from Pangea Software. The agency is also well known for its current work on MTV Games’ award-winning music videogame franchise Rock Band®, and the soon-to-be-released AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack. Reverb Communications also worked previously on Guitar Hero™ and Guitar Hero II.

“Reverb’s roster of successful clients speaks for itself. When it comes to launching games on the App Store Reverb has the proven track record we need,” said David Warhol, president of Realtime Associates. “Realtime Audio Adventures are truly unique to the game space and we trust the Reverb team’s expertise in helping us craft a custom launch campaign that speaks to all iPhone and iPod touch users.”

Realtime Audio Adventures are compelling “interactive audio dramas” that combine audio stories with gameplay to create in-depth storylines that require the active participation of the listener to complete. These casual games have serious plotlines and feature complex stories that involve solving puzzles, listening for clues, and mastering action sequences.

“Instead of the Triple A graphics that traditional videogames employ, these games have Triple A audio that really engage players to interact with the game, listening for clues and choosing actions that drive the plotline,” said Tracie Snitker, vice president of public relations for Reverb Communications. “Realtime has created videogames that are completely driven by the things you hear - there is nothing else like it on the App Store, and iPhone and iPod touch owners are going to really enjoy these games.”

To find out more about Realtime Audio Adventures, please visit:


About Realtime Associates, Inc.:

Realtime Associates is one of the longest-established independent video and computer game studios in operation today, and is the owner of the intellectual property and underlying technology for Music Video Games, LLC. Founded in 1988 by David Warhol, Realtime Associates has released over 85 consumer products on major videogame consoles, hand-held platforms as well as the PC. Realtime specializes in the development of ESRB EC, E, E10+, and T rated entertainment software titles, and has developed original titles as well as titles based on popular cartoon and children’s licenses. Past clients include Sega of America, Electronic Arts, Midway, Acclaim, Mattel, and THQ, among others. For more information, visit

About Reverb Communications Inc.:

Reverb Communications is a focused marketing agency that specializes in launching videogame titles and peripherals. The agency combines public relations, marketing, and sales programs to develop individualized communication campaigns that directly contribute to the bottom line of each client. For more information about Reverb Communications please visit:


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