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Realm of the Titans

The first in a series of Hero Showcases details the Samurai Spirit.

Aeria Games presents the first in a series of character introductions for our upcoming DotA-inspired, MOBA game Realm of the Titans . Each Hero Showcase will feature a short video describing a playable character from the game. Getting to know each hero’s abilities is crucial to a strategic victory in Realm of the Titans , in which two teams of five heroes each vie for control of a dynamic battlefield.

This week we showcase Samurai Spirit, the cunning and fierce ghost of the powerful General Takeshi. Takeshi was a noble warrior who died a dramatic battlefield death at the hands of his country’s greatest enemy, but not before he was able to transfer his essence into a deadly apparition. His arcane presence lives on as the Samurai Spirit.

The Samarai Spirit hero is equipped with these unique skills:

Soul of the Samurai – Sends a red ghost to a target location. The ghost damages anything it passes through on the way to the target and back to the Samurai. Flowing Step – Reduces the enemy’s attack and movement speed by a certain percentage, then increases Samurai Spirit’s attack and movement by the stolen percentage. Sword Step – Passive ability that steals attack damage from the opponent on each successive attack for a duration of 10 seconds. Crimson Fury – Samurai Spirit can send forth the Crimson Fury to a target. The Crimson Fury will chase down the target and cannot be controlled or stopped. Samurai Spirit can choose to merge with the Crimson Fury to gain its power and location on the map. To find out more about Realm of the Titans and to sign up for Closed Beta, visit

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