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Real Time Worlds aims for massive expansion

Dundee-based developer Real Time Worlds is embarking on a massive recruitment drive which will see the firm growing its workforce by over 30 per cent, making it into Scotland's largest game developer.

The company, which was founded by Grand Theft Auto creator Dave Jones, recently unveiled its second project - an Xbox 360 exclusive action title called Crackdown - and is also working on a massively multiplayer title called All Points Bulletin (APB) for Korean publisher Webzen.

It currently employs 96 staff in its offices in Dundee and Seoul and is now recruiting for artists, programmers and designers, with a view to growing its workforce to 130 by the end of the year.

"Real Time Worlds is at the cutting edge of a number of technological areas and this is a testament to the high calibre of staff we have attracted over the years," commented Jones, who prior to creating Real Time Worlds was a founder of DMA Design - now better known as Rockstar North.

"To succeed at the forefront of this sector we need to expand the Dundee development team and that means continuing to draw in staff - whether locally, from the huge pool of talent spilling out of the education system, or from further afield - who can work towards achieving our long term goals," he concluded.

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