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Real Soccer

Online footie from Korean featuring 22-player matches.

Soccer, the most popular sports in the world and so many soccer games appeared. Among those massive soccer games, 'Real Soccer' is the game that 'real soccer' is realized on online.

There are 2 ways to play: Player mode and Team mode. User can participate 11 vs. 11 soccer game that 22 users can play and enjoy together as a player on player mode. When you are in player mode, your character chooses each position and can reinforce the characteristic of that position through level-up.

On team mode, you run a club as a owner of a club and control a player and establish strategy as a couch. It is possible for you to make unknown player to the best player and enter higher league with good match results or be degraded with bad results. That will make you feel like running a real club.

User plays the game using keyboard and mouse on Real Soccer and there is a unique control way using just mouse for beginner. Proficient users can run a game well with more diverse skills using mouse and keyboard together.


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