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Competitive gameplay today entered a whole new dimension with the announcement of SkillGround (, due for public launch today.

SkillGround is the world's most rewarding online gameplay arena where PC gamers can download real games for free and play in a secure and fair environment for cash prizes, or just for fun.

Built by people who understand, develop and play games, SkillGround is an initiative of Groove Games, a privately funded games company that has published more than 20 computer and video games to-date.

Great games, fair play and security are SkillGround's core considerations. The service caters to all levels of PC gamer, from the casual player to the hard core expert, using a proprietary skill ranking system and a secure, cheat proof, playing environment to ensure players are matched and ultimately pitted against other players of a similar skill set. This means that everybody has the opportunity to compete fairly and win.

SkillGround currently offers a variety of retail quality titles to play online, covering most of the major gaming genres, including sci-fi first person shooter, WarPath; tactical military shooter, Close Quarters Conflict; car racer, L.A. Street Racing; and the martial arts fighting game, Kung Fu: Deadly Arts. A golf game, Ultimate Tour Golf, will be released later in the summer and the autumn will see the first of several games based on hugely popular and successful third party games.

"Skillground is a place where players of all levels of ability, including absolute beginners, can play and have fun", commented Michael Haines, Managing Director, SkillGround. "Each game has a tutorial and practice mode and players can ease their way into competition through single player score based games before going into head-to-head and multiplayer competitions."

SkillGround offers a variety of flexible gameplay modes, including, Practice, Tutorial, One On one, up to eight-player DeathMatch, Single Player Score-based Games and Progressive Tournaments. In its beta test phase alone, SkillGround attracted 15,000 players, who played a staggering 200,000 games!

Requiring only a PC and broadband connection and featuring an easy registration and quick download, SkillGround is simple to set up and even simpler to enjoy, for any kind of gamer at any skill level. Don't just take our word for it, logon right now at and see for yourself.

SkillGround officially goes live at on 1st June 2007.

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