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Ready Deaddy Cat

Cougar-battling PC download from former EGM/ man Norm Scott.

SPOOKINGTONS, The Internet -- Earlier this year, an open-world, Old-West-themed video game took the gaming community by storm, offering not only unprecedented levels of freedom and gameplay, but also some of the sneakiest, cruelest virtual cougars ever to gut a horse and feast on the entrails of a still-twitching cowboy. To aid the countless gamers still reeling from these cheap-shot deaths comes Spookingtons Drive-In Media, who has just released their first game for Windows PC, "Ready Deaddy Cat."

"Ready Deaddy Cat" provides two game modes, "Town Defense," a light mode in which the player defends a selection of villagers from a wave of cougars, and "COUGARGEDDON," a no-bullets-barred fight to the death in which the player's skill at keeping the populace alive translates directly into performance-enhancing power-ups! "COUGARGEDDON" features cougar snipers, extraterrestrial cats, and a veritable UNDEAD NIGHTM-- a DIFFERENTLY-ALIVE DARK FANTASY of zombie cougars and feline necromancers!

"'Ready Deaddy Cat' features gorgeous hand-animated artwork that really sells the concept of mowing down wave after wave of murderous cougars,"

says Spookingtons founder Norm Scott. "Seriously," he adds," I really, really hate cougars. I want them all dead."

"Ready Deaddy Cat" is available for download now for Windows PC. More information and a playable demo can be found at


Spookingtons Drive-In Media is a multimedia entertainment company, providing comic, video and game content since 2005. Spookingtons was founded by Norm Scott, formerly of Electronic Gaming Monthly, and Slave Labor Graphics. Website: 

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