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Read the clouds and ride the sky with Condor – the Competition Soaring Simulator.

Genre: Flight Simulation

Developed by: Condor Soaring

Published by: Sniper Entertainment


Release date: 16th November 2007

SRP: £29.99

PEGI: 3+

Platform: PC CD-ROM

Condor Soaring and Sniper Entertainment present the boxed version of their critically acclaimed simulation Condor. Creation of an environment that genuinely portrayed the experience of competition flying was the goal of the development team. Aerodynamics and weather physics were a major focus, and the result is an amazingly realistic feel of flight incorporating all the weather conditions and challenges which face a real soaring pilot on a competition day.

The realistic weather model of Condor includes a realistic thermals life cycle. Starting from the ground the thermals reach the cloud base, the cloud becomes bigger and more dense and later dissipates which causes the air below it to sink. The location and strength of thermals is based on terrain sun exposure and ground features like forests, fields and villages. The frequency and strength of thermals are also affected by the realistic daily sun travel. Also make sure you exploit up slope wind on sunny ridges (anabatic winds); and ridge lift with leeward downwind and turbulence.

Fly detailed planes with fully animated cockpits, moving parts, flexing wings, and environment mapping. The planes also have realistic speed polars and handling, configurable water ballast, and modern cockpit instrumentation. The surrounding terrain is detailed with forests with high density trees, villages, castles, farms, communication towers and other 3D objects on the ground, and airports with grass/tarmac surfaces.

After critical acclaim as a downloadable game, Condor will be available from your local retail store from 16th November 2007.

About Sniper Entertainment

Sniper Entertainment is an international publisher specialising in PC, Mac and console games and utilities. Created in 1999, the company has successful working relationships with famous partners in many territories.

About Condor Soaring

Condor is a product developed by two Slovenian Glider pilots with the assistance of winners of Glider Championships. Condor has been acclaimed as the best glider simulator by professional gliders.

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