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Ürban PAD

Version 3.0 of city-building software released.

Get Ürban PAD 3.0

The much-anticipated Ürban PAD 3.0 introduces a bunch of user-friendly features and smoothes out the learning curve of the Ürban PAD 2.x versions. Some features that were developed in response to your requests:

New Interface

§  Create buildings and cities more easily and intuitively with the new node-based graph interface.

§  Learn Ürban PAD faster with new, friendly help panels.

Asset Management

§  Add assets with ease through integrated asset importers. Don’t need them anymore? Delete with a click.

§  Keep track of all your assets by tagging them for easier management and sharing.

Action Stack

§  Take a smooth, seamless ride from the interface to your project assets: click-and-open assets couldn’t be any easier.

§  Flow through Editors while linking your templates for easy composability and maximum visual diversity.

§  Gain object placement time with hardware mesh instancing.

Enhanced Geometry Possibilities

New Shape rule greatly expands the procedural geometry possibilities offered by Urban PAD – create custom shapes with customizable parameters and masks.

Substance Integration

Use smart texturing to enhance your city - Ürban PAD is now available with Allegorithmic’s Substances.

Updated Gamr7 Engine

For users of the Gamr7 Engine, the Gamr7Engine 2.3 featuring a Multi-threaded Debug configuration is now available. Link to the Gamr7Engine dynamic library in your projects either in Debug or In Release configuration

The 3.0 version comes with a brand new sample city project that’s ready for you to learn.

Need help getting started? Check out our beginner tutorials on the blog and on our YouTube channel.

We’ve Moved

As you may have noticed, the Gamr7 site has changed, along with the blog and the Forum. We think the site is even easier to navigate now, and you'll notice feedback buttons on every page, allowing you to tell us what you think – so don't hesitate!

Environment Art Contest

To kick off the release of the 3.0, Gamr7 will be hosting our first environment art challenge, slated to run mid-March through mid-April. Get a trial version of Ürban PAD 3.0 and get to work designing a themed environment for a chance to win prizes, cash, and a spot on the Gamr7 website. Final dates, host forum(s), and prizes will be announced in a separate mailing and on the site.

City Challenge Winner

Gert-Jan Brok of Fantazm correctly answered the August City Challenge by identifying Reykjavik and will be receiving the paperback copy of Invisible Cities. Congratulations, Gert-Jan!

We’ll be running another City Challenge with our next newsletter, so get your atlases ready. In the meantime, stay warm and enjoy the new release.  

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