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Razbor Studios bequeaths North American distribution of Legacy: Dark Shadows to Tri Synergy Inc.

For Immediate Release

Dallas, TX - September 16, 2004 - Developer and publisher, Razbor Studios, today announced the North American distribution of Legacy: Dark Shadows (PC) by Tri Synergy, Inc.

"Tri Synergy has continuously demonstrated a true understanding of this industries soul and roots by providing the smaller and sometimes unknown design houses alternative solutions to the traditional publishing model," said Zvonko Grseta, Director Public Relations of Razbor Studios. "We are looking forward to building a strong partnership with Tri Synergy."

"We are thrilled to be working with Razbor Studios on this amazing title," commented Tamra Nestler, CEO of Tri Synergy, Inc. "They have combined an amazing story and superior graphics along with a powerful musical score, special effects and animations to make Legacy: Dark Shadows a truly immersive graphic adventure title."

Legacy: Dark Shadows (PC)

A graphics adventure that weaves mystery. You play as Ren Silver a private investigator. Your task; is to discover what various events that took place in 1930, 1941, 1976, 2020, and why they are important to the universe in 2100 and the effect they will have on our future.

Features Specification:

  • Over 230 scenes, (encompassing over 12 distinct locations) spanning from past and future Earth to Mars and the distant asteroid belt near Jupiter.
  • Over 80 items used to unravel the games numerous riddles and puzzles on your quest to solve an age-old mystery.
  • Interact with over 25 speaking characters.
  • An aesthetic mix of 2D scenes and 3D characters and objects in high-resolution.
  • True 3-D characters built with up to 10,000 polygons.
  • High resolution textures on characters (up to 1024 X 1024).
  • Skeletal animation system utilized to create amazing motion captured animations.
  • Real-time lighting and moving light sources.
  • Rain, smoke, and shadows...
  • Cinematic musical score.

Hardware Specification:

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows 98 SE
  • DirectX 8.1
  • Pentium III 800, AMD DURON 900
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 12x CD-ROM Drive
  • Mouse and Keyboard
  • 3D card with 32 MB RAM (1024 X 768, 16bit)
  • Windows compatible sound device
  • 700 MB free hard drive space

Release Date: October 2004

More information and in-game movie can be found at:

About Razbor Studios

Razbor Studios is a multimedia team involved in development of video games, applications and web programming. By using a well known 3D API DirectX we were able to produce stunning visual effects and high-res models which are not seen often in games. For more information please visit

For More Information: Andrew Hoolan, Director of PR, Tri Synergy Phone: 972.293.7352, Email:

About Tri Synergy, Inc.

Founded in Dallas, TX in 1996, Tri Synergy is a computer and video game co-publishing company offering software developers an indispensable alternative to traditional affiliate label and licensing programs. Tri Synergy actively encourages the creative process by relieving the developer of the time constraints inherent in managing the business factions of publishing a successful software title. Tri Synergy coordinates every key step for the developer including sales services, distribution, vendor relations, marketing, public relations, manufacturing, packaging, inventory management, fulfillment and more. Notable recent releases are, among others, Anarchy Online, The Longest Journey and Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.

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