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Raviok - Blockmaster

"Top Perspective Shooting" game offering 12-vs-12-player puzzle action.

In the early age of on-line games, "Casual Games" were a bit hit along with MMORPGs. Leading examples of Casual Games are Fortress and BnB, which were on par with MMORPG games such as Lineage, Mu, and Ragnarok. But more recently the popular trend has turned towards popularity are FPS type of games that has high-intensity action involved, and have shunned away Casual Games. Amidst such trend in the game world, a new Casual Game is seeking to bring back the golden age of Casual Games. 


Anyone who has enjoyed on-line games or has a decent knowledge of games, will be surprised by the familiar look of Raviok's "Blockmaster". The image of the viewpoint or map in Blockmaster is similar to Crazy Arcade BnB’s design that was once highly popular among Casual Game fans.

But gamers will realize that Blockmaster is actually a very different game from previous Casual Games. Aside from TopView perspective and SD-form characters, BnB is a puzzle-style action game, while Blockmaster is a shooting-action game.

12 vs 12 Players on Action-Packed Shooting Battle

Raviok’s representative NAM Kwang-Won refers to Blockmaster’s genre as TPS. His definition of TPS does not mean “Third Person Shooter” but stands for “Top Perspective Shooting”. It serves as a genre title representing the game-nature of Blockmaster as shooting from top viewpoint.

Blockmaster is a shooting game in which the player throws blocks to knock down the opponent. Within a designated map space, as many as 12 players per team can form a team and battle against the opposing team. Depending on the distance, many offense strategies are available and teams can earn items through various shooting actions.

Furthermore, the game provides a PvE mode where a Boss Monster makes an appearance to add onto an interesting game. This Boss Monster can also turn into a guardian and be used in the game.

Strategy Granting Skill-Deck System

In Blockmaster, players battle with basic tool/skills, such as punch, ball, and block, and option skills which are nuclear bomb, and/or strengthener. Each skill is shown on the “skill deck” located on the bottom area of the game screen. It consists of 10 skill spaces of which the first 3 spaces are for basic skills, and the next 2 are for option skills.

A particular characteristic about the skill deck is that the spaces designated for each skill takes up more space as that specific skill improves. This makes it important for the player to distinguish which skill would be most needed and can occupy lots of space.

The skill enhancer is made possible not just by earning special points, but by time limit, which makes it fair even for those not advanced in action games.

A New Method of Strength Battle – Winning Land

Blockmaster has 3 clans that are known as Big Boss, Cold Papa, and Brr, but there is no inter-clan fighting mode available for players. Instead, World Map can provide for such battle, as World Map mode provides a lot more empty slots, which users can lease as their land by earning points from games.

Leased land is divided per clans, and the clan with most land earns special “buff” and also can earn special bonus when using the certain advantage. A housing system that will allow players to build homes on the leased land is currently in the making as well.

Long-Lasting Game is a Good Game

Although the company Raviok is small, the game Blockmaster that took 2 years to create and complete is not quite the same small scale.

The company representative, Nam Kwang-Won who participated in the making of this game from the very beginning, states, “Blockmaster has gone through many changes since the beginning, but still retains the concept of using blocks and the title Blockmaster. An important aspect of on-line games is the communication with users. Therefore, it is crucial to listen to the users’ feedbacks to make improvements in the game. But equally important is to retain the initial basic concept to keep the game’s original merit.

As the open-test for this game starts on October 22 nd, representative Nam added, “Games that last long are quality games. Likewise, our company will make efforts to provide for a game service that will last a long time.”

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