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Rasher Basher

Pig out on it for free for a limited time.

As a special, limited treat for gamers, Rasher Basher is being given away in its entirety for free.

Players can not only enjoy the 60 screens of the full-price game but also view enhanced content, making the iPhone and iPod touch app an essential download.

Rasher Basher is proving to be popular with its challenging puzzles yet simple two button control.

Reviews suggest it is highly addictive and challenging and now gamers are able to see if for themselves without having to stump up any money.

The game has been produced by Manchester-based Spaghetti Studios, a small independent developer.

The announcement of the free game follows the launch of a brand new trailer for the game.

Rasher Basher taps into retro gaming playability with a very modern twist and gamers really do need their wits about them to complete each level.


Rasher Basher is available for the Apple iPhone™, Apple iPhone4™ and Apple iPod touch®. Rasher Basher has been developed by Manchester-based Spaghetti Studios, a small independent developer.


Apple iPhone™ & Apple iPod touch®:

Rasher Basher is available on the App Store here:

To play Rasher Basher without iAds, go to the App Store here:

Interview requests and opportunities are also available The YouTube video trailer can be viewed at 


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