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Rasher Basher

Hammed-up trailer released for piggy puzzler.

Manchester, UK. – February 2, 2011  – Indie developer Spaghetti Studios has today unveiled a video trailer for its debut release, RasherBasher. The game is available on the iPhone and iPod touch and the trailer includes exclusive 3D footage as well as a great flavour of the gameplay of this most addictive of titles.

The video can be viewed at or downloaded from Gamespress.

Rasher Basher can be bought from the App Store ( or played for free ( It is an original, fun-filled game that is highly addictive and devilishly tricky.

There are 60 electrifying screens to work through in a game that is simple to control. But behind that simplicity lies a host of challenges.

The Portable Gamer gave the game a four-star rating saying "Rasher Basher offers a real fresh and addictive type of gameplay." (  

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