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Epic V: Part II launches on October 21st.

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Rappelz is the second free-to-play fantasy MMORPG published on the gPotato Europe portal. The first major update the last 15th of July, and now awaits its second part called “Epic V: Dragonic Age”. The Epic V Part II for the 21th of October.

Including a whole pack of new high-level content, as requested by the players, “Epic V: Dragonic Age” is the first major expansion for the free MMORPG Rappelz since its European launch. Separated as two distinct parts, the first part included, amongst other things, a new epic dungeon, the famous White Dragon and Cerberus as pets and a lots of new pet skills.

The second part of the Epic V is also high-level oriented. Adding two new dungeons on the Forgotten Island, new rank VI armors as well as a unique mount to the lvl 120+ characters, this extension also includes low-level content, like the new dungeon, “The Bear Lair”. This new challenge is dedicated to all the players, no matter what their level is, and offers an experience where the player must complete the challenge within a time limit.

Including new pet skills, a completely refurnished GUI and a whole set of new character skills, the second part will be available in French and German on the 21th of October.

To avoid overloading of the update server, a pre-patch is already available on the Rappelz official website: http://rappelz.gpotato.eu . A manual updater will also be available shortly.

Please find enclosed new screenshots from the extension Epic V: Part II.

-About gPotato-

Rappelz is edited in its French and German version by Gala Networks Europe, the leader in the exploitation and distribution of free online games. Gala Networks Europe uses the gPotato trademark as a publisher, distributor and editor of free online games. Gala Networks Europe distributes the gPotato trademark with the website www.gpotato.eu

For more information, please visit the official Rappelz website http://rappelz.gpotato.eu or contact us at contact@gpotato.eu

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