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Details of the adaptations being made for the Arabic version.

To fix the unique Middle Eastern culture, a new version of South Korean free-to-play MMO Rappelz is now heading to Middle-Eastern countries including Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

A Dubai Company, Game Power 7 localized this version of Rappelz against the original version developed by NFlavor. The new version includes remodeled game characters among other minor changes. The new characters were coiffed and had the confident and warrior-strong poses, and their clothes were mid-age stylish, but there were no miniskirts, lingerie, or cleavage to be seen. The move comes as part of the company’s policy to combat the emphasis of MMO gaming on revealing clothes and sexualized culture.

Other changes include replacing erotic game sounds and removing religious signs and symbols. The latest change aims at keeping religion out of the gaming culture to avoid any misunderstandings or sensitivities

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