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Rampant Games Releases Void War

For Immediate Release

September 27, 2004 - (California, USA) - Rampant Games ( announced today that their long awaited 3-D space combat game, Void War, is complete. Void War takes retro style space combat to a whole new level, combining the easy to learn game play of earlier space combat simulators with modern technology. Void War features two modes of play, Multiplayer and Single Player. Each mode of play has sub-modes as well. Single Player games can be played in Campaign Mode and in Death Match mode. Multiplayer games can be played on teams mode or every man for himself.

Void War features 6 different ships, each with their own unique and special abilities. For instance you could take the Renoun with its high thrust and glossed handling with its "vampire" leech ray or the FireBolt with its easy handling and low top speed, armed with quad lasers and deadly missiles. Combat in Void War takes place in areas called "void points." These void points are surrounded by an electric field, creating a sort of deep space arena. Flying into the electric field will not harm you, but the further you get outside the arena the stronger the force will be pulling you back in. Placed randomly throughout each arena are special items, such as missile packs, enhanced shields, instant-recharge, and repair bots. Learning to fight and grab pickups at the same time is challenging, but only through this can you become a true Void Runner.

The Campaign Mode features a campy story about a young man seeking his love, who happens to be a war heroine, who's gone missing in search of a strange alien craft that has appeared at the edge of known space. Lance Dawson must battle his way through hordes of claim jumpers, all of whom want the alien craft for a variety of devious purposes. There are three difficulty settings to chose from, which provides challenge for any skill level, and when you think you have mastered the art of space dog fighting, head online to battle other Void Runners from across the globe!

The best feature is Void War is free to try. You can even play the demo online against other people! So download Void War from and show the world what it means to be a "void runner."

Evaluation Copy Available Upon Request

For more information contact:

Joseph Lieberman

4220 NW 20th Dr.

Gainesville, FL 32605

(352) 281-8271

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