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Rampaging Dragons, Evil Dracomancers and The Elemental Devourer Menace The World Of AdventureQuest!


(Sunnyvale, CA - January 18, 2007) - They call her the Huntress. She is the daughter of the Eternals, and is a powerful warrior herself. She has returned after a centuries-long absence into our universe, and is the only hope of Lore against the threat of the Elemental Devourer. But is she good, evil, or in-between? AdventureQuest needs your help in this, the greatest battle of all time! Join the fight at!

In other areas, the Dracomancer Bradakhan has built his power base and is now trying to take over the Dracomancers from within. Brave adventurers helped Lord Cyrus rescue his sister Sheila, but there is only one way to stop Bradakhan: an all-out attack on his fortress in Dragonspine! Can the combined might of loyal Dracomancers, Dragonslayers, Adventurers and Guardians withstand Bradakhan's secret army of Dracomancers and Void Dragons? The ultimate Dracomancer war continues this weekend only at !

AdventureQuest is a Flash-animated role-playing game playable on most browsers. Free to play for either minutes or hours a day, players can delve into an action-packed fantasy world of myth and magic filled with hundreds of monsters, weapons, armor and items. For more information about all of Artix Entertainment's free-to-join web browser and Macromedia Flash-based games, please visit

About Artix Entertainment, L.L.C.:

Artix Entertainment, LLC is a privately held game development studio with a track record of producing Macromedia Flash games, with a distinctive visual style and high-quality game play. Artix Entertainment is a Florida-based game company founded by Adam Bohn in 2003.

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