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RAM Raider Awards 2007 Voting Opened To Tumultuous Apathy


England, UK (just to the right of America) - After a year of disappointing awards ceremonies continuing the dismal efforts of their organisers at appealing to the "yoof", the UK's only credible awards ordeal voted for by YOU has opened for voting.

"Only last year, I was third in RamRaider's world-recognised poll of the best-looking video game journalists - the industry's equivalent of being fastest in the Para Olympics," said award-winning PR man Simon Byron, yesterday. "And in the same year, I bagged two more RamRaider awards: PR hero and PR cunt, which, again, my mother was thrilled yet surprised about. Apparently she'd not voted in the hero category."

From the most talented games writer to the most helpful PR semi-person, you can once again congratulate the talented and exasperate the incompetent by registering your vote now. Visit for the full list of categories, and register your vote in one of the following ways:

On the Blog - Submit your votes with your name, somebody else's name, or completely anonymously in the comments section on the blog.

By e-mail - To

Through Facebook - Send a friend request to RAM Raider on and we'll accept it as we don't have any friends in real life. Really. You can then vote anonymously with the anonymity box application, send a personal message privately, or slap it onto our wall. We love social networking. It keeps us "in" with "the kids".

In Person - You know who you are

The award winners will be announced after voting closes. Obviously.

NOTE FOR EDITORS: Quite a lot of you suck.


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