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Network engine gains official Xbox 360 support.

Costa Mesa, CA (January 14, 2010)– Jenkins Software announced today that its high-performance network engine, RakNet, has added official Xbox 360 support.

RakNet’s Xbox 360 support is being released with direct integration for voice chat and online sessions. Online session support automatically handles host migration and handshaking for ranked and unranked matches. The interface is similar to that of other platforms, allowing cross-platform developers access to these features with a minimum of code duplication.  XLSP support is also planned, enabling publishers to extend Xbox LIVE with their own servers. 

In addition to the Xbox 360's proprietary feature-set, RakNet's core features set have been ported to the console. These features include reliable UDP with congestion control, object replication, remote procedure calls, and real-time SQL-logging.

“We are excited about what we have to offer through the Xbox 360 Tools and Middleware Program", said Kevin Jenkins, president of Jenkins Software. “Our native integration with Xbox High-level Voice, the Secure Network Library, and Xbox LIVE reduces developer workload, furthering our objective of providing multiplayer on a deadline."

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About RakNet

RakNet is a C++ and C# game networking engine focused on feature set, ease of use, and performance. RakNet supports the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Linux, Mac, iPhone, and Android. Used by leading developers such as Foundation 9, Sony Online Entertainment, and Maxis, RakNet delivers "Multiplayer on a Deadline" by providing as many automatically networked game systems to the developer as possible, while making those systems as easy to use as possible. Visit for more information.


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