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Battle strategy action game gets new ladder mode.

(2010/12/03, Seoul, Korea) – Rakion, a battle strategy action game developed and directly serviced by Softnyx Co., Ltd., is now providing an updated ladder mode in the coming year-end to close its gap with the users. The ladder mode is scheduled for service from Nov. 22 to Dec. 13.

It’s simple to join the ladder mode. Run Rakion and enter the ladder-only channel (Last World). Then, select the desired game type from 1vs1 to 8vs8 and click start. The game opponent is automatically matched, and the ladder mode will begin.

The ladder mode is single-round, and the user wins or loses experience points based on the ladder mode level difference with the opponent and win/loss result. Also, the user level-ups as experience points for the ladder mode accumulate, and different titles are given according to the level. The user’s ladder mode rank can be checked at any time on the Rakion homepage.

Rakion homepage (English Version):


Rakion homepage (Latin Version):


Items usable in the ladder mode are Gold Reward, Remove Penalty and Chance only for 7-day use. Victory in the finals will win the following top items to the users.

1 st (1 user) Damned(H) set +15lv.

2 nd (1 user) Aqua(H) set + 10lv.

3 rd (1 user) Hurricane(H) set +5lv.

4 th ~ 100 th (96 users) Change Ex-Item x1 (for use within 30 days)

101 st ~ 300 th (200 users) Socket Hammer x1, Freeze C-ClassGem x1 (for use within 30 days)


Softnyx Co., Ltd. expressed that “The upcoming Rakion ladder mode will provide greater game play experience to the users” and that “We will endeavor to provide higher quality and entertainment through various updates.”

About Softnyx

As the developer and servicer of Gunbound, Wolf Team and Rakion, Softnyx Co., Ltd. ( www.softnyx.net) began its global servicing since 2003. Its games are serviced in English, Spanish and Arabic, and Gunbound is called the national game in South America to strengthen its position as the most popular online game. Softnyx has become the popular online game portal in Central-Southern American regions with over 50 million global users, and is acquiring bank payment and prepaid card distribution channels in 6 Central-Southern America including Peru.

For Further Information, Please Contact :

Manager of Business Development, Jamie Lee

TEL : +82-2-2026-3245

E-Mail : seonjin86@softnyx.co.kr

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