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Rainblood Prequel: Castle of Mirage

Side-scrolling RPG from China set before Town of Death.

Beijing, China - January, 05, 2011 - Chinese indie game maker Soulframe announces the new game project, Rainblood Prequel: Castle of Mirage, a Shank or Oboromuramasa like side-scroll ACT game.

During the productive year of 2010 with the translated Rainblood: Town of Death, Soulframe has received good feedbacks from the western gamers for his RPG with strong style and oriental aesthetics. In the new year, Soulframe states his intention to please the western gamers. An ACT is dismantled by 3 screenshots from the ongoing project, showing the same unique art style of Town of Death, but this time it'll be definitely easier to translate.

The story of "Castle of Mirage" is "years before Rainblood: Town of death, when the org was confronted by another killers clan: Mirage, and the org send two younglings, of course, Soul and Shang, to destroy the Mirage."

Soulframe doesn't give a clear release date for this new work, he just says "will follow the completion of Rainblood2:City of Flame". Rainblood2 is the formal sequel of Rainblood, which is according to the same blog, 80% done.

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