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RailRoad Racer 3D

Runaway mine cart iPhone game on the App Store now.


Romania based independent developer Exosyphen Studios has just released their latest title, RailRoad Racer 3D to the App Store. Exosyphen Studios has already established itself as a solid developer on the iOS platform with a high-quality portfolio of titles including Daughter In The Box, Hacker Evolution and Rail Adventures 3D.


In RailRoad Racer 3D you experience the thrill of high-speed racing in a rail cart on railroads that take you through various underground locations! Hopefully you don’t suffer from claustrophobia as this rollercoaster ride with a twist requires ultra-fast thinking, precision and stamina! As your rail cart takes off into the depths of the underground you must avoid obstacles by either jumping over them, or by destroying them by shooting them to bits! But don’t be too trigger-happy as your ammo is limited, and so is the amount of damage your cart can sustain! Thankfully, as you traverse the tunnels collecting gold bars you can also collect extra ammo and additional health packs, but it takes concentration and quick reflexes to survive. The adrenalin pumping music is best experienced through the use of headphones, and if you’re skilled enough you can share your high scores online in the leaderboards.


RailRoad Racer 3D is available from the App Store here:


Journalists interested in a promo code for RailRoad Racer 3D is encouraged to contact Indie Developer Consulting by sending an email to Additional information about games from Exosyphen Studios is available by visiting


About Exosyphen Studios:

Romania based Exosyphen Studios was founded in 2002 and focuses primarily on game development. The company also develops software and games for mobile platforms as well as other portable platforms, and software components for various companies. Exosyphen Studios is the vision of its founder and owner, Robert Muresan, and is committed to providing consumer focused innovation and services.

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