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Railroad Constructor

Track-building iPhone puzzler up on the App Store.

Railroad Constructor is the newest Apple iPhone™ and Apple iPod touch® game from Exosyphen Studios, the team who also brought you Railroad Racer 3D among other fantastic iOS games!

In Railroad Constructor it is your task to clear a path for a train to reach its destination by constructing a path of travel that is cleared from obstacles and other hazards: It’s a highly unique and interesting puzzle game in which every level is randomly generated making each experience different and fun. You basically use various pieces of railroad at your disposal to connect and build a track for the train by selecting a piece from the available (track) pieces visually available in the lower left corner of the screen, and by placing those said pieces at your convenience and placement. Each level becomes increasingly difficult and more complex as you will encounter obstacles and elements such as rocks, water and tunnels, all of which must be avoided to successfully guide your train from its origin to its destination. At your aid you have a limited number of bombs available, which enables you to clear an obstacle from the map, and your success is critical to you ensuring you finish building the track before your train begins to move! By cleverly planning your train’s path to collect the gold items scattered throughout the map, you will rank up additional score, ultimately helping you become the best Railroad Constructor!

Railroad Constructor is available from the App Store here:

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