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Radical Brainstormers Effectively Influence Music Hardware and Software Over 5 Years

The Ninth Annual Interactive Music Conference and BBQ

October 14-17, Bandera, Texas

LONDON, UK. Outsource Media, the interactive entertainment industry's leading voice production company will be sending two of their finest: David Javelosa from Outsource Offices in Santa Monica (US) Trevor Bent QA and Test Manager production coordinator from the UK offices on a mission to mix with the movers and shakers of the audio world at "Project Bar-B-Q" (www.projectbarbq.com), held at the luxurious Flying L Guest Ranch (http://www.flyingl.com/) in Bandera. This Texas-style think-tank is held over three days to see what the future hold for the audio production for the industry

The conference is hosted by The Fat Man, George Alistair Sanger, (www.fatman.com) who has been a Texas-Sized legend in game audio since 1983. It is operated by the colossal superstars of conference production Avallone Media Group, teamed with Sanger and his wife, Linda Law, who's known by attendees as "Mission Control." Their mission statement, which has varied only slightly to keep abreast of five years of changes, is nothing less ambitious than "Influencing Music Hardware and Software Over The Next 5 Years

A computer can sound better than a movie theatre. Why do we listen through low-bandwidth connections and tiny speakers? If audio can be half of a game's entertainment value, and the game industry makes more music than the film and TV industries combined, why is audio given less than one percent of a game's development resources? Why does something as technically simple as audio account for such a high percentage of computer crashes? How much do those crashes cost big businesses? How much time and self-esteem do they cost individual computer users? If all the little entertainment and productivity machines are going to "converge" into one big machine, won't that more complex machine tend to crash even more? And if the machines don't converge, but become rather a house full of single-function appliances, how can all the companies working on all the different types of audio make their systems work together without failing? Why was the Napster issue such a big deal-why don't standard business models for music distribution exist?

Outsource believe that Keeping pace with the rapidly changing computer audio business is no easy task, and countless dollars and man-hours depend on it. What individual has the required level of expertise in hardware, software, music, audio, marketing, the Internet, streaming and wireless technologies, IP, law, technical standards, business politics and entertainment fads to understand where computer audio was, is, and where it's going-let alone to influence it?

About Outsource Media

Formed in 1996, Outsource Media specialises in voice production, Quality Assurance (QA) and localisation with studio facilities in Sheffield, London and Los Angeles.

These services are tailored for the videogame industry but extend to TV, movie, radio and advertising. Outsource prides itself on a quality guarantee based on delivery, facilities, experience and creativity.

Outsource boasts an impressive range of clients including Electronic Arts, Sony, Acclaim THQ International, SCI, Blitz, Zoo Digital and Sony Pictures.

Titles include: Conflict Desert Storm II, The Great Escape, Formula 1 2002/3, Destruction Derby Arenas, Lord of the Rings, Timesplitters 2, Conflict Desert Storm, Yager, Drakan II, X-Beyond the Frontier, Wipeout Fusion, Stewart Little 2, Ballerburg, Independence War II - Edge of Chaos....

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