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Racing Gears Advance

Zoo Digital announces details of their forthcoming GBA title Racing Gears Advance. The game will be released on December 3 2004, with the title already winning many fans after it’s debut showing at EGN.

Racing Gears Advance is a top-down arcade racing done to perfection, it's a handheld gamer's power sliding, turbo-charged dream. Throw in a batch of licensed cars, a massive range of tracks with multiple shortcuts, a comprehensive upgrade and tweaking system and high-explosive weaponry and you get a title with more than just skin-deep speed thrills.

Racing Gears Advance also has multiplayer options and lets you have fun with up to four friends.

Racing Gears Advance is a rewarding racing title with a host of features which will have players addicted for hours in both single and multiplayer modes of play.


  • Choose from 12 drivers and licensed vehicles, from Hummers to Vipers and Elises.
  • 25 twisting tracks covering a range of terrains and weather conditions.
  • Each course is littered with jumps, hazards and hidden short cuts.
  • Incredible range of customisation including turbo's, tires, engine blocks and 8 unlock able offensive and defensive weapon systems.
  • Race against 8 intelligent CPU drivers or rip it up in 4-player link-up.

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