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Racers' Islands: Crazy Racers

WiiWare racer from Artefacts Studio, supported by a comic book scripted by Alone in the Dark man Hubert Chardot.

Zallag reveals more details about the upcoming racing game developed specifically for the WiiWare™: Racers’ Islands : Crazy Racers. Previously known under the codename “Shoot the drivers : Project 1”, this game is developed by Artefacts Studio who had previously developed Moto Racer DS.

Six different and unique islands (each representing a country) serve as a background for the 20 tracks present in the game. Not only will the players need driving skills, they should also consider precision. Indeed, the original gameplay of Racers’ Islands : Crazy Racers allows the player to target precisely other players and adversaries with the Wii RemoteTM while driving.

Specifically designed for the WiiTM system, this unusual gameplay offers a real learning curve while remaining accessible to everyone. Six colorful characters are playable, each with his/her own car and unique weapon. Many power-ups can be found along the tracks and a 4 player mode in split-screen is also present.

The universe of Racers’ Islands : Crazy Racers will also be presented through a comic book. The idea is to explore and to expand the game’s background further. 

Illustrated by Studio 109 and scripted by Hubert Chardot (scriptwriter of such games as Alone in the Dark 1, 2 and 3) this comic book will reveal the characters’ past. Just like the game, it will be sold only through digital distribution.

The next announcement will present the 6 characters of the game (American, Japanese, Russian, French etc…). The final versions and the early drafts of the characters will be revealed!

About the game

Genre: Racing

Platform: WiiWareTM

Number of players: 1-8

Publisher: Zallag

Developer: Artefacts Studio

Release date: TBA

Press contact: Olivier Vermeille

About Zallag

Full name: Zallag

Activitie(s): Publishing video games and comics

Website: (Under construction)

Social networks: Present on Facebook and on Twitter

Founded in 2009, Zallag is the 1st company specialized in publishing-distribution-promotion of entertainment content digitally distributed only. Three games are currently under development. Zallag is interested in all current platforms (WiiWare™, Nintendo DSiWare™, XBOX Live, PlayStation Network, PC) and also publishes comic books to enrich their game’s universe.

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