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Racers' Islands: Crazy Racers

Two racey-shooty games for the price of one.

DATE 02/22/2010

AUTHOR Olivier Vermeille

ANNOUNCEMENT New PC Trailer and special offer for the “Racers’ Islands” games

ASSETS DELIVERED Screenshots, Game Cover


Drive‘n Shoot !

Drive? Shoot? No need to choose anymore!

Racers’ Islands – Crazy Racers is a pure arcade driving experience with a completely unique gameplay feature: drive and shoot at the same time. Unlike similar games that let you use items that move automatically to their targets, in Crazy Racers you can aim with the mouse and shoot precisely your opponents.

Shake your mouse to load your weapon then point and shoot towards the screen to slow down other players! 20 tracks await you as well as an online multiplayer mode with up to 4 players.

Same gameplay, new challenges!

Racers’ Islands – Crazy Arenas is dedicated to the multiplayer experience with an explosive mix of Crazy Racers’s gameplay and 5 wacky events:


Look for a golden Totem in a lost temple, capture it and bring it back to your base! Don’t lose your way…


Can you take on this extreme survival mode? Dash in a wild ascent to an infernal mountain peak before the rising water catches up with you!


Compete with your racing car in a wacky ice hockey tournament with penguin goalkeepers!


The concept speaks for itself! Toss a time bomb to your opponents as quickly as possible, before the countdown reaches 0.


Free-for-all frenzy! Be the first to score 10 points in this Japanese paintball contest powered by engines.  


Until February 24 th, buy Crazy Racers in our partners’ digital stores and get Crazy Arenas for free!  


Genre:                             Racing

Platform:                PC

Number of players:  1-4 (online)

Publisher:               Zallag

Developer:              Artefacts Studio

Press contact:         Olivier Vermeille



Full name:               Zallag

Activitie(s):              Publishing video games and comics



Social networks:  and 

Founded in 2009, Zallag is the 1st company specialized in publishing-distribution-promotion of entertainment content digitally distributed only. Three games are currently under development. Zallag is interested in all current platforms (WiiWare, Nintendo DSiWare™, XBOX Live, PlayStation Network, PC) and also publishes comic books to enrich their game’s universe.

All the trademarks of games, licenses and game consoles appearing in this press release are the property of their respective owners.    

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