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Racers' Islands: Crazy Racers

Some background details to fuel the WiiWare racer.

The racing game developed for the WiiWare TM Racers’ Islands - Crazy Racers shows itself through the very first videos of footage. The characters come to life: it's time to start the engines and to dash into wild races!

Lights! Camera! Action!

In Crazy Racers, a good driver is nothing without his favorite weapon. One needs to know how to stand up for himself to burn the asphalt without biting the dust! Every competitor of this gigantic TV show will have to prove that being a road racer is better when you’re a crack shot. Which one of them will honor his country and become a real champion?

As the video shows, you have to shoot your opponents while driving. This gameplay is perfectly adapted to the Wii TM controllers. Control the vehicle with the Nunchuk TM ; aim, fire and reload your weapon thanks to the Wii Remote TM . It remains to be seen if you can control both at the same time, or if you prefer to share the commands with a friend!

Twenty cracked circuits

The same footage unveils the circuits in a new light. Fully 3D-designed sets present the countries from which each character comes from, with a lot of humor and self-mockery! There are lost temples of Mexico to visit, while Russian babushka dolls and French croissants are everywhere by the side of the road. There are twenty different races in the game so you can rediscover the islands from all the different angles.

Pick up items to rank first

Finally, just like any good and funny racing game, many bonuses are scattered across the ground. Embarrass your competitors with shields, bombs and soap! Use speed boosts wisely to avoid shots and to overtake your opponents. In Racers' Islands, you can also collect screw nuts in specific places, in order to store up additional points in championships.


Genre: Racing

Platform: WiiWare TM

Number of players: 1-8

Publisher: Zallag

Developer: Artefacts Studio

Age Ratings: PEGI : 3+ / ESRB : E / USK : 6+ / OFLC : G

Release date: TBA

Press contact: Olivier Vermeille



Full name: Zallag

Activitie(s): Publishing video games and comics

Website: www.zallag.com (under construction)

Social networks: Present on Facebook and on Twitter

Founded in 2009, Zallag is the 1st company specialized in publishing-distribution-promotion of entertainment content digitally distributed only. Three games are currently under development. Zallag is interested in all current platforms (WiiWare TM , Nintendo DSiWare TM , XBOX Live, PlayStation Network, PC) and also publishes comic books to enrich their game’s universe.

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